By Paul Thomas



An intriguing mystery/romance
combining the past and present

Can a small-town singer from Romania
and a PR Svengali perform the impossible – transform the legacy of Dracula
from evil to good?


  • An absorbing and mysterious modern romance inspired by the past – perfect for anyone who loves intrigue, mystery and passion

  • Paul Thomas is a former journalist from the East End who covered the Kray twins at the height of their notoriety and interviewed many well-known people including Winston Churchill

  • A charming, sometimes chilling, suddenly surprising story of today's ways of questioning the apparent evil of 15th century Dracula - perhaps towards happiness and good for this century?

A cracking read combining rags-to-riches stardom, first-hand insights into the world of media manipulation, questionable love, heady romance, and with ancient myth and legend insidiously creeping their way into a twist that makes the finale as unpredictable as it is intriguing. What a combination.

Chris Crowther, Novelist

Nicoleta, a country girl from a Transylvanian village, goes to London to seek fame and fortune as a singer. There she meets a provocative English Lord who owns a media empire and a PR guru looking for a young star to make the headlines.

Their idea: To turn Nicoleta into a re-creation of Ilona, the wife of Vlad III, the Romanian prince who inspired the legend of Dracula. As Nicoleta becomes increasingly immersed in the role of Ilona, historical mystery and modern romance combine to ask the question:

Could Dracula be alive and living in the 21st Century?