Nicoleta - seeking
riches from rags -
goodness from evil?

Nicoleta, whose name means “a victor of the people” is a Romanian village girl searching for celebrity status – aiming to change her rags into riches.  By singing, attracting men, being nice but, if necessary, naughty.  She earns her way to London – meets a publicity man who promises to make her famous, inheriting the 15th century character of Dracula’s second wife Ilona.  Not only that, but as a night club hostess she meets a peer, rich, alone, a little mysterious.  He falls for her – she sees prospects.

While the PR develops Nicoleta’s image as changing Dracula’s evil towards goodness, her relationship with the peer blossoms, deepens as sinister aspects develop – just who is she, who indeed is he too?

Nicoleta is a singing success in herself, working towards international-fame.  And her romance looks like victory.  Then life changes… drama, a death threat – where indeed is she going now?   And a very different future appears…  can she indeed bring goodness from evil, a victor of the people? 

Lord Peter Fitzgerrald -
wealthy, sinister,
possessive - who is he?

Lord Peter owns a major media group.  But he is alone, questioning his future.  How to grow his business, where to find new inspiration, even more wealth – and happiness.   Business connections introduce him to new opportunities – and he meets journalist and PR Mark Seymour… and new ideas lead him into a posh night club where he meets Nicoleta.

With a mysterious past, apparently no relationships, his time with Nicoleta becomes very satisfying,   He falls for her, not only for sex but also her character – is she indeed Nicoleta or Ilona, the 15th century wife of Dracula as PR has shaped her.

But other men want Nicoleta too and a jealous Lord sets up sinister steps to keep her for his own.  His own image and background show shades of a different past. He makes more and more of her, fending off her questions on his background. And truths emerge that bring about drama… and incredible happenings until…

Mark Seymour - can he
create today's celebrity -
from the 15th century?

Mark Seymour is a former journalist turned PR man.  He has started his own company with partner Lucy.  And along comes some business for a major media group – including publicizing Night News, a service highlighting activities and events, social, commercial and charitable.   

And so he meets Nicoleta.  As part of a client project Mark has to create and publicise a very unusual image for a Romanian girl – who, with a new but medieval character based on Dracula’s wife, can help the cause.

From then on the wiles and creative thinking of the  public relations practitioner kick in, and lo and behold, a very different person is created from his original meeting with Nicoleta.

Mark is a good man, hard-working and always looking for good news to help his clients – in this case Lord Fitzgerrald’s BNG media organization.   But where will it take them both – he, the client – and Nicoleta.

Exciting challenges emerge.  And Mark ends up with a very different and challenging task.

Vlad Tepes - inspiration
of Dracula - was he
a vampire, or hero?

Generations of readers, and millions of film-goers have speculated on Dracula, the so-called vampire from Transylvania.  Created by author Bram Stoker more than a century ago, the factual inspiration of Dracula, the fictitious evil sucker of blood, was Vlad Tepes the Third.

Factual history has many interpretations of Vlad, some as evil but some as good and protecting, helping his own Transylvanian people in the face of other murderous states and nations.

Changing Colours looks a little at him and his history but primarily sizes his factual second wife, or so it is believed she was.  Ilona sought to seek good for him, rather than the reputed evils – and so Changing Colours, or more correctly its hero Mark Seymour, seeks to create a 21st century version of her – and help her, now a singing star, show that perhaps Vlad was not, all, bad.

He is a questionable character indeed – as too, is another male in the story who excites and pursues a very colourful lady, be she Ilona or…