Romania - the real country:
Explore its curiousity, characters, castles, colour?

Romania’s past is rumoured to have been notorious, colourful, chaotic… in many ways.  A sinister, mysterious history – deaths, battles, castles, even vampires.   Research its past centuries and you find curious scenes, varying reports, confusing acts and rumours – all with little factual confirmation.

This is today the setting that Changing Colours confronts – using a charming village girl who grows to become potentially Romania’s “victor of the people” – seeking to realign, perhaps justifiably, its image today to a colourful country with lots of attractions, nice people, scenic sites – a tourism opportunity.  Despite its links with that legend – Dracula!  Go there – learn, perhaps you will find a big surprise.  Perhaps fostered by Nicoleta – indeed a “victor of the (Romanian) people”?

London - fame and fortune:
For Nicoleta will it host triumph or tragedy?

Perhaps the greatest city in the world.  So say some and it is here where Nicoleta targets the quest to produce her future.  With the aid of people who grow to become her helpers, indeed friends, even lovers.  All ultimately trying to turn evil, or bad news into good!  What a challenge.

One of them, a publicity man, uses London’s charming, colourful, creative night life to aid Nicoleta’s growth and celebrity status as a singer – and 15th century “ghost wife” of Dracula.   The people powering progress in this wonderful city, nights and day, impact on Nicoleta who seeks to become part of its status and aristocracy.   In some ways she enjoys it, succeeds – but London is not everything to everybody and drama arises – and eventually she begins to question her future.  Is it in London or Romania?

Read Changing Colours to find an exciting, provocative route to Nicoleta's future.